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Welcome to KUL IN Language Academy

Study English while discovering Europe

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Welcome to KUL IN Language Academy

Study English while discovering Europe

KUL IN Language Academy

provides an in-class and out-of-class learning experience in the heart of Europe.

Our hands-on English program adds another dimension to traditional language courses. In addition to intensive language study, students practice English through fun activities and field trips to Croatia’s beautiful cities and romantic countryside. Kul IN Language Academy offers top quality ESL education whilst giving students the opportunity to explore!

Our location

Kul IN Language Academy is nestled in an old oak forest in Sisak, Croatia – an idyllic place to study! The natural setting provides students with a focused learning environment, while a short bus ride takes students across the river to Sisak’s friendly downtown: streets lined with cafes, ancient Roman ruins, and traditional European architecture.

Situated in Central Croatia, Sisak is a small town of 40,000 people surrounded by charming countryside. Just an hour by train takes students to the bustling metropolitan capital of Zagreb: a center of activity and a take-off point to anywhere in Europe!

Our Program

We offer intensive English lessons, personalized one-one-one tutoring, and a variety of field trips and activities which will introduce students to Croatian and European culture. While learning the English language, students  get to see beautiful sceneries of Croatian countryside and immerse in local activities and traditions.

Along with intensive English lessons, each student receives individual tutoring once a week, during which we will focus on individual challenges.

Our Instructors

We believe that the purpose of learning a language is to feel comfortable and confident using it in every-day situations, whether in a foreign country or in an international business setting.

You will get lots of personal attention from both the experienced teachers and the school’s friendly support team. All the teachers hold a university degree and a recognized foreign language teaching qualification.

Kul IN Language Academy is led by native English speakers from California.
We are proud to offer:

A renaissance learning experience

Our goal is to help you become a comfortable English speaker. Experience local European culture while learning English.

Small class sizes

Kul IN  provides students with a focused learning environment. We offer small class sizes with students at similar language levels.

Quality, experienced instructors

All the teachers hold a university degree and a recognized foreign language teaching qualification.

A safe place to live and study

Low crime rate, small cities, and well-managed public transportation.

An intensive integrated program

We teach our students English vocabulary and grammar, and then give them the opportunity to practice their skills through interactive activities.

A complete study package

A complete study package including language study, accommodation, and travel to beautiful Croatian cities and charming countryside

What our students think

kulinlanguages review

Great class to upgrade my level of English, totally loved custom approach to each student.

– Milan Sladojević, Croatia
– Tailormade Business English level B2

kulinlanguages review

Teachers were great and every hour was interesting and fun. The most important thing is that I have lost the fear to speak English. I recommend these English classes to everybody!

– Denis Kovačević, Croatia
– Tailormade Business English level B2

kulinlanguages review

This is such a nice academy and very fast you can learn language…they have greatest teachers in the world. I started like beginner and now I am writing in english, WOOHOO!

– Dražen Vinčić, Croatia
– General English level A1

kulinlanguages review

English classes helped me to understand cooking class, and I learned how to communicate much better. My friends complimented me how much my English got better. Maybe the grammar isn’t perfect, but we can understand each other really good.

[My instructor] Maya spoke English the whole time, and it made me learn a lot faster. At first she speaks slowly, and later she speaks faster and more natural. We played games like hangman, listened to songs, and we practiced outside of the classroom. We practiced in the kitchen using cooking words and we also walked around the park around Kul IN. This helped me to feel comfortable.

– Dragan Dževlan, Croatia
– Specialized English for the Culinary Arts, beginner

Kul IN and speak OUT!