Kul IN Language Academy: Language Study in the Heart of Europe

Kul IN Language Academy: Language Study in the Heart of Europe

In recent years, Croatia has become a top tourist destination, with visitors from all over the world. Sisak is located in the heart of Croatia, sitting on three rivers in the midst of the charming Moslavina countryside.

The Željezara neighborhood of Sisak, where Kul IN is located, offers everything that you need at a walking distance: two grocery stores, a drugstore, a bakery, a post office, banks and ATM machines, and an intercity train station. You can walk through the oak forest along paved walkways, or relax on a bench by the pond. Parks are decorated with iron sculptures reminiscent of the city’s industrial era, and children’s playgrounds and basketball courts are scattered amongst the buildings. The neighborhood has recently renovated its tennis courts and swimming pool, offering plenty of recreational opportunities for students.

All of Kul IN’s apartments are located near a bus stop, and city bus transit will take you downtown in minutes. Taxis are also a very affordable method of transportation here. But you will notice that whenever the sun is out, the preferred mode of transportation is by bike. Sisak is flat and the perfect size to travel by bicycle.

What’s in downtown Sisak? Why, a little bit of everything. The edge of the river Kupa is lined with cafes, restaurants, and pizzerias. The promenade, or Korzo, is where various events take place, from public concerts to holiday celebrations. Amongst the stores, several art galleries and the Sisak city museum give you a glimpse of Sisak’s culture and history. However, the best way to get a feeling for Sisak’s age is to contemplate the Roman ruins that once belonged to the ancient city of Siscia.

Take a stroll along the Kupa River to where it merges with the Sava River, and you’ll come across Sisak’s Old Fortress, an impressive citadel built in the 16th century to resist the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe. The fortress museum will take you deep into the history of Sisak-Moslavina County and the traditional lifestyle of the region.

Do you want to travel further? Beyond Sisak’s charming countryside and Lonjsko Polje Nature Park lies the metropolitan capital of Zagreb. Zip over to Croatia’s coast and relax on the beach. Hop over the border to Slovenia, Austria, or Hungary, or take a weekend trip to Italy. Franjo Tudman Airport, located between Zagreb and Sisak, offers flights to just about anywhere in Europe. Kul IN is your home base and the world is at your fingertips.