International Business Requires an International Language


How did two months fly by so quickly? It seems like only yesterday that Sanja Krešić was introducing herself to 9 new students from the company Applied Ceramics. Kul IN Language Academy had partnered with the company to create a two-month tailor made course for interested employees.

It seems like our students have sent out a good message about the program. The number of students for the upcoming Applied Ceramics spring English course has doubled! We are now in the midst of planning two English courses at different levels for 18 Applied Ceramics employees. The tailor made program combines general English, business English, and technical English specific to the company’s line of work.

Does your company do business internationally? When communicating with international customers and partners, appropriate word usage and grammar can strongly influence the outcome of a conversation, and good language skills can generally boost a company’s professional appearance. If you are interested in organizing a tailor-made business English course for your employees, we invite you to contact us and secure a course with a native English speaker from Kul IN Language Academy!