Testing 1, 2, 3

Kul IN Language Academy’s Business English course ended with a wonderful triumph. Sanja and Maya watched their students’ serious faces as they worked through their exams. The students thought hard and fast about grammar tenses, definitions of various business terms, and language structure during the hour-long exam. “How can I turn the verb ‘advertise’ into a noun?” “How would I define ‘retirement’ in English?”

What a relief! Stress turned to laughter as they corrected their tests as a class. The students relaxed and enjoyed apple pie from the Kul IN kitchen as they were awarded their course certificates. But we had one more test waiting — a test for Kul IN Language Academy. Each student thoughtfully filled out a course evaluation sheet and commented on the questions.

As the students returned their course evaluation sheets, Maya’s and Sanja’s faces lit up. Taking an average of all 18 detailed evaluations, the students rated Kul IN Language Academy with a score of 4.81 out of 5. Here are some highlights we are especially proud of:

  • Our professors show professionalism in class and proficiency in the English language
  • The atmosphere in the classroom is comfortable, and students aren’t shy about asking questions
  • Our courses are fun and dynamic
  • Our students feel more comfortable speaking English than they did before

But the most wonderful surprise was when the students pulled out a gift for the teachers — a certificate exclaiming “Najbolja Profesorica na Kugli Zemaljskoj” (Best Teacher in the World). That is the best compliment a teacher can receive.